About Me

I’m Julie Witmer and I’m a freelance cartographer located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Since I was a child I wanted to be an archaeologist and I was for a while, going on digs in the Middle East and working for various cultural resource management companies in southern Ontario.

While spending over a decade working in IT in a cubicle farm (where references to Dilbert and BOFH and meerkats suddenly made so much sense), I kept travelling. The first thing I do when I travel is collect all the maps I can find. A map, particularly a historical map, usually stops me in my tracks.

Maps have always caught my attention: I have a small tourist map collection from my travels, and have several large historical maps lining the walls of my library.

Making custom maps combines my love of maps, travel, and history with my aptitude for technology.

About You

You want a map that stands out from the rest, something unique to use for yourself or your customers.

You want me to work with you to create a custom map to your particular needs, for a magazine, a tourist map, or a website, to list a few examples. See previous client projects for more examples.

Whether you are a small self-publisher or a large NGO, you realize that an existing map might not show everything you want, or it might show too much.

When you want help creating your own custom map, contact me for a free consultation.