Witmaps Blog

  • Strong Start maps expansion of their literacy programs

    Strong Start Charitable Organization needed maps to help them track locations of their literacy programs. They weren't able to find an existing map to suit their needs, so they contacted me to create a custom map that would help them plan expansion of their programs into more school districts. Read more about it here.
  • The Lost Treasure of Vrouw Maria

    Last fall I worked with authors writing a book about an 18th-century shipwreck. They wanted a map to show the route of Vrouw Maria, a merchant ship carrying Dutch Masters paintings from Amsterdam to Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately it sank off the coast of Finland and the treasures were lost for over 200 years. Continue reading more about this map and the upcoming book.

  • Mapping the Journeys of Biblical Job

    A few months ago, Victoria Adams contacted me to create 4 maps for a book she’s writing about the Book of Job. These maps will illustrate the text, including Biblical locations and places where later commentators lived and travelled. She wanted maps that would give her readers a sense of geography, distance, and cultural background. Read more about this project.

  • Creating a map of Central Europe for a tourism app

    I worked with TravPro Mobile to create maps for many destinations for their mobile sales app. That app informs travel agents about travel destinations. One of our projects was for a map of Central Europe. Read more about the process and see early drafts of the final product.
  • Updating Mississauga's visitor guide map

    For the past 3 years I've worked with Mississauga Tourism to update maps for their annual visitor guide. The process takes a few months as they finalize new and changed listings for the coming year. Read about some of the changes to this year's guide, which will be available soon.
  • How Brampton launched their city cycling guide

    Read about how Brampton launched their new cycling guide in 2018. You'll see how we created the map, step by step, and see what's involved with a large project like this.

  • How we redesigned the Guelph cycling map

    Read about the process for redesigning Guelph's cycling map and see some early drafts and the different design decisions we made.