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  • 4 questions to answer when designing academic or historical maps

    I have created maps for a wide variety of subjects. Some authors I've worked with have written travel books; some have written history books; some commission maps for articles they are submitting to academic journals.

    Read below to see some questions I ask my clients when designing academic or historical maps. These maps are meant to give context to the reader, to highlight places mentioned in the text.

  • Creating a map of Central Europe for a tourism app

    I worked with TravPro Mobile to create maps for many destinations for their mobile sales app. That app informs travel agents about travel destinations. One of our projects was for a map of Central Europe. Read more about the process and see early drafts of the final product.
  • Maps for 5 types of tourism marketing

    I love travelling, and I enjoy creating maps for the tourism industry. Over the years I’ve discovered at least 5 main purposes for tourism maps: for economic development, destination marketing to tourists, marketing for tour companies and travel agents, sponsored tourist maps with ads, and city walking maps. Read more and see examples of these types of maps.