Witmaps Blog

  • The Lost Treasure of Vrouw Maria

    Last fall I worked with authors writing a book about an 18th-century shipwreck. They wanted a map to show the route of Vrouw Maria, a merchant ship carrying Dutch Masters paintings from Amsterdam to Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately it sank off the coast of Finland and the treasures were lost for over 200 years. Continue reading more about this map and the upcoming book.

  • Mapping the Journeys of Biblical Job

    A few months ago, Victoria Adams contacted me to create 4 maps for a book she’s writing about the Book of Job. These maps will illustrate the text, including Biblical locations and places where later commentators lived and travelled. She wanted maps that would give her readers a sense of geography, distance, and cultural background. Read more about this project.

  • 4 questions to answer when designing academic or historical maps

    I have created maps for a wide variety of subjects. Some authors I've worked with have written travel books; some have written history books; some commission maps for articles they are submitting to academic journals.

    Read below to see some questions I ask my clients when designing academic or historical maps. These maps are meant to give context to the reader, to highlight places mentioned in the text.