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  • The future of cycling maps?

    With more people biking now, cities are accelerating their scheduled projects or creating new, temporary safe cycling spaces.

    And because a lot of new cyclists are part of the 60% of "interested but concerned" group, who might bike if there are safe and stress-free ways to get from point A to point B, it's more important than ever to re-think cycling maps.

  • 4 questions to answer when designing academic or historical maps

    I have created maps for a wide variety of subjects. Some authors I've worked with have written travel books; some have written history books; some commission maps for articles they are submitting to academic journals.

    Read below to see some questions I ask my clients when designing academic or historical maps. These maps are meant to give context to the reader, to highlight places mentioned in the text.

  • 7 things to consider when making an active transportation map

    If you need a new or updated map to show your city active transportation network, keep reading for 7 things to think about.