Brochure Templates for Your Business or Non-Profit

Even though many businesses and non-profits use social media as their primary marketing channels, there is still a place for brochures. They can be a quick reference overview to highlight your products or services - think of that drawer of take-out menus you keep on hand. You can distribute printed brochures or offer them as downloadable PDFs on your websites and social media, or both.

For Businesses

  • include descriptions of your products or services
  • list your industry or business associations and memberships
  • highlight customer testimonials
  • don't forget to add your social media channels
  • include a map of your service or delivery area
  • add a small map of your business location(s) to help customers find you

For Non-Profits

  • highlight the services or programs you offer
  • have testimonials from your volunteers and clients
  • add your contact information and social media channels
  • include maps of your program or service areas
  • if you accept donations of physical items, show those locations on a map

Tourism Marketing or Tourism Business

  • if you work in tourism, maps can be the main focus of the brochure
  • instead of small locator maps you may want a map covering one side of an unfolded brochure
  • include contact information, testimonials, industry memberships
  • list different routes or tours on one brochure panel and colour-code those routes on the map
  • list businesses or attractions along those routes in an index with numbered points on the map

Compelling images and photos will help your brochure stand out. The cover is an obvious place for eye-catching images, but you can also include them as part of your product or service descriptions, with customer or client testimonials, and of course with simple and attractive maps!

We have several downloadable PDF brochure templates available - the most common size is a tri-fold letter-sized brochure. But take a look at the others we offer - you might find one that works better for you.

Or if you work with a printing company for your traditional marketing materials, they may have more brochure templates available. Take a look at our templates, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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