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Current book map projects

Earlier this year I wrote blog posts about two interesting and very different projects

I included examples of these in the last newsletter about different map types for publications - a map for a book about how policy and infrastructure displaced neighbourhoods in Dallas, and maps of travel destinations for a quarterly magazine in Switzerland.

greyscale map of Dallas showing highways and neighbourhoods displaced by highway constructionmap of regions in Provence with major highways, national parks and cities, with inset showing location in France

Current projects

This spring and summer I continued to work with an author from Australia who's writing a book about soldiers from his community, who were prisoners-of-war in southeast Asia during World War 2. The series of maps includes camps and details along the Thai-Burma railway, a map of Java, ships that were lost at sea, and more.

I've been working on maps for an atlas of American history since August - they've asked for approximately 40 custom maps. They will also include historical maps and existing maps where appropriate, but custom maps are needed to combine relevant information and authors' new research.

Recent projects

I also worked with author Eileen Stephenson, who writes historical fiction set in the Byzantine Empire. She wanted a two-page map showing the boundary of the empire in 1025 A.D., along with provinces and places mentioned in her book.

And I designed another map for author David Ebsworth's novels about protagonist Jack Telford's journeys in Europe and Africa. These sketch-style maps were fun to create!

And of course three more maps for Herbarella magazine - this time highlighting the regions of South Germany, Umbria in Italy, and Provence in France.

greyscale map of Byzantine Empire borders in 1025ADgreyscale map of northwest France in sketch stylemap of southwest Germany with major roads and cities, Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in green; inset showing location in Germany

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