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Current map projects for businesses and non-profits

 This year I've been busy working on a variety of map projects. In addition to many municipal, tourism, and book projects, I've worked on several projects for businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Last year I wrote about 3 ways maps can help your organization: for planning, education, and marketing, and the projects below generally fall into one of those categories.

Recent Projects

  • map of Waterloo neighbourhoods for a local realtor to use in social media (for education and marketing)
  • series of maps for ClimateActionWR for an active transportation hub proposal (for planning and education)
  • delivery zone map for a florist in Alberta (for planning)
  • world map in a projection showing both poles for an expedition company (for marketing)
  • base map for a bike rental company in Ottawa (for education and marketing)

Images below show an overview map of proposed hub locations for ClimateActionWR, location of Beechwood neighbourhood in Waterloo, delivery zone map for Three B's Flowers.

map of Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge with major streets and green circles representing proposed active transportation hubsWaterloo Ontario neighbourhoods in a blue-green palette, with Beechwood neighbourhood in focus in a dark colour with dropshadow
poster map for Three B's Flowers in Stony Plain, Alberta - greyscale map with roads labelled, Parkland county subdivisions in light brown; alphabetical list of streets with grid locations below map; inset labelling delivery zones

Current Projects

I'm currently working on a large topographic wall map for a fire protection district in California, and a poster map for a golf cart and e-bike rental business in California. I'll write blog posts about those projects in the next few months.


I've talked with people at several organizations who either aren't ready to proceed with their mapping projects yet, or who I was able to point in another direction:

  • map for a company that takes people on guided trail rides
  • map of country-wide company locations
  • tourist map for a B&B to help their guests learn about the surrounding area
  • map of a wildlife centre
  • map for a health department in Australia

The health department wanted a topographic map of their region. I directed them to a wonderful collection of existing topographic maps they could purchase and download.

The wildlife centre in Africa was an interesting conversation - during the call, the person I talked to suddenly looked up over her monitor and casually said "an escaped baboon just ran by". That was the oddest sentence I've ever heard on a call! They eventually decided to work with a local artist, but I very much enjoyed our chat and learning about their programs.

Why Custom Maps?

You might not need a custom map. Maybe you found an existing map you can use - many municipalities have street maps, or topographic maps for free download. A past newsletter for authors and publishers listed several other sources for map downloads.

When you want to add or remove information from those maps, that's when it's time to consider a custom map.

Often people contact me when they need a map but don't know how to proceed. The first thing I do is see if such a map already exists. If so, I'll point them to it. If not, we schedule a call to talk about their project. I've also referred clients to other cartographers who have expertise in specific types of maps.

My business exists to make sure you get the map you want, whether or not I create it for you. 

Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation to talk about your project. 


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