City and Tourism Maps

If you publish visitor or travel guides I can work with you to create beautiful maps to complement the descriptions in your guides.

Or maybe you distribute maps of the city to your customers, advertising local businesses and attractions. Once you have your advertisers lined up, I can work with you to showcase those businesses.

The offerings below are examples of my services. Each service offer is fully customizable: there may be content you don’t need or wish to add.

Contact me if you have questions, or request a complimentary discovery session.

Locator Map

Identifies the map area or specific location within a larger geographic area.

Overview Map

More detail than locator maps. Can add up to 20 landmarks or other POIs.


Highlights a specific area of the city to promote its local businesses and attractions

Neighbourhood Map

Shows a larger area of the city than the BIA map and includes the same content

City Tourist Map

A large city map incorporates all relevant municipal datasets, with content similar to the neighbourhood map.