Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What will we talk about in the complimentary 30-minute discovery session?

    I want to learn about your business and your aspirations for this project. I’ll ask you about the people who will use this map, and how it will help you and your customers.

    Once we determine the purpose of the map and know its audience, I’ll ask you more detailed questions about the content you want to show, listen to your ideas about format and style, and make suggestions. Upon request I can provide a ballpark estimate of the cost, and if we think we might work well together I’ll prepare a design brief and formal quote at your request.

  • Where does the map data come from?

    I use open source data such as OpenStreetMap data, which is crowd-sourced, or government OpenData where it is available. Both sources must be cited on the map to abide by copyright laws.

    Another source for larger areas (at the world or country-level) is Natural Earth, which was built by many volunteers as a public domain data source.

  • Is the data accurate?

    It depends on the quality of data collection. If the map data is of an area with a lot of OpenStreetMap contributors or it has been extensively surveyed with accurate equipment or high-resolution imagery, it will be more accurate.

    For any data source, if you know the area well you may notice some minor errors. Please let me know and I will pass on your notes to the owner of the dataset. If you are interested in helping collect and update open source data for your area, please consider contributing to OpenStreetMap.