About Julie

I create maps that encourage people to explore their communities and the world

Since 2013 I have been creating custom maps for local associations, publishers, authors, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and municipalities. In many cases my clients start out with little or no knowledge of the map-making process. But that’s never been an issue, because an essential part of my approach is to create an experience that is informed, easy, and enjoyable from start to finish.

While a primary function of maps is to help people get around, they aren’t just tools for navigating. They help people learn about their communities and to become more active and connected to them. Maps can guide visitors, but they also attract them to events and points of interest. When designed properly, they also encourage return visits, benefiting municipalities, tourism agencies and local businesses.

Watch my interview with Peter Wright and Kathleen Beauvais to learn more about how I make maps.



And I was interviewed by journalist Catherine Thompson in September 2021 for an article in The Record.

Waterloo Region Record newspaper article about Julie Witmer Custom Map Design


If you want someone to help you get the best map for your needs, you can talk to me. I love travelling and enjoy exploring my city, on foot or by bike. I have used many different kinds of maps and can help you work out what needs to be on the map and what to leave off.