Case Study - Brampton Cycling Map


Brampton is busy expanding its cycling network. They've been gathering public input for their active transportation master plan. In 2018 the city launched a new cycling guide to showcase its network. And Brampton is creating a 40-km cycling loop in the city and wants to promote it.

section of Brampton cycling map


The City of Brampton contacted me last year to talk about creating a map for their new cycling guide. They wanted a similar style as their Pathways and Trails Map. They had a list of features that needed to be on this large folding map.

They had preliminary GIS data but asked me to recategorize parts of the network. We had a series of drafts and reviews, with revisions to correct some parts of the cycling network. Once the network was correct and approved, I sent updated GIS shapefiles back to them.

Brampton's Communications department designed the layout for the back of the map. I sent them a high-resolution map file to add to their layout. They also asked me to send them a zoomed-in section showing The Loop which they added to the back of the map.

Brampton Loop cycling map

The Results

We had great collaboration and they are pleased with the results. The map is part of their guide and is available for download on the City's website. They will continue using the existing map and guide for another year before considering updates.

Brampton cycling map