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Custom Map Service Questions

I want to learn about your business and your goals for this project. Once we know the purpose of the map I’ll ask you more detailed questions about the content and style you want. You can ask me any questions you have, and I’ll provide a ballpark estimate of the cost. If we decide to work together I’ll prepare a design brief and proposal at your request.
It depends on the map. A simple locator map with few details can take a few days. A very detailed map, such as a full street map or cycling map, can take 6-8 weeks. I will give you a timeline on our call.
Other than my minimum project fee of $350, I don’t offer set package pricing because every project is different. However, I can provide a ballpark estimate after your free 30-minute consultation, in which we’ll discuss your objectives, schedule, map content and style.
Often an embedded map from Google or OpenStreetMap may be what you need. But a custom map shows only what you want to show. You can add information and you can omit what’s not important for your purposes.
We use free open source data whenever possible. These can include OpenStreetMap data, which is crowd-sourced, or government OpenData. Both sources must be cited on the map to abide by copyright laws. A source for larger areas at the country or world level is Natural Earth. It’s built by many volunteers as a public domain data source.

Online Shop Questions

Details on Covid-19 production delays can be found on our Production & Shipping page. Normally, products are fulfilled by Art of Where within 2–4 business days for tshirts and posters/art prints. Production of tote bags takes 7-10 days. U.S. delivery 2-6 business days after production. Canadian delivery 2-8 business days after production. International delivery 10-21 business days after production. For more detailed information, and updates on production and shipping delays, please see our Production & Shipping page.
Products in our shop are fulfilled by Art of Where, a print-on-demand company. We chose them as our fulfilment partner because:
  • they are Canadian (located in Montréal)
  • their employees are paid above minimum wage and work regular hours
  • they do not hire unpaid interns
  • they do not outsource - printing, sewing, and quality control are all done in-house
  • they strive to reduce their environmental impact by manufacturing and sourcing locally - they recycle paper waste and donate excess clothing or imperfect items to inner-city shelters
Both are printed on 300gsm paper with an 11-colour Epson printer, using museum-quality archival inks rated to last up to 200 years, and are resistant to humidity and UV. The only difference is the paper:
  • poster paper is glossy optic white and the colours are vibrant with a deep black, but is susceptible to fingerprints or bends
  • art print paper is matte and hand-cut with a slightly textured surface and no glare, and is resistant to scratches and fingerprints