Maps for Authors and Publishers

Help tell your story with a custom map

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is worth a thousand more. Maps can help bring imaginary worlds to life and give context to the reader that otherwise may be difficult or undesirable to create in words. Maps are an essential ingredient in travel guides, and a must-have reference in magazine articles in which location is featured prominently. No matter what your story is, or whether it’s real or fictional, a map can help you tell it better.

Map of Tuscany Italy

Maps for Magazine Articles

Maps help readers understand and become immersed in your story, no matter the subject. Use maps in articles about gardening, travel, cuisine, current events – and any time place or location is a part of your story

Walking map of Venice Italy

Maps for Travel Guides

Turn your great travel book into an indispensable one! Include high-level navigation and walking maps to guide readers to the feature attractions, great shops and restaurants in your area. 

Map of Roman Empire in Asia

Maps for Novels and eBooks

Maps enhance all types of story telling, whether guiding one through the realms of Middle Earth, or helping readers navigate through different times and places in history. Maps provide clarity about setting while reducing narrative word counts.

Map of Nicaragua fishing areas

Maps for Non-Fiction Books and Journals

Maps are important educational tools for topics such as history, geography, and conservation. A well-researched map can help illustrate your subject.