Maps for Businesses and Non-Profits

Use custom maps to promote your brand, event, service and delivery areas

We've produced custom maps that businesses and non-profit organizations use in websites, advertising and marketing materials. It’s a great way to provide something useful to your customer or supporter, and something on which to proudly show your brand. Consider how one of these types of maps might benefit your audience. Some types of maps for you to consider include maps for events and marketing, maps for locations, and maps for service and delivery areas.

Ontario hospitals map

Maps for Events and Marketing

Why work hard on planning a big event but then not show anyone where it’s happening? Make sure a custom map is part of your marketing strategy. And remember, if you map it – they will come!

Guardian Veterinary business location

Maps Business Location(s)

A Google map can provide directions to your business – along with directions to every competitor in your vicinity! With a custom map you can show potential customers only what matters. Use your custom map in print and online marketing to represent your brand – and your’s alone.

Map of Gull Lake Haliburton

Maps for Service and Delivery Areas

Area maps show customers where you operate and delineate delivery areas for your business. Organizations use custom maps to show their service areas, to promote events and to recruit new members.