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Maps for Municipalities

Are your maps up-to-date with your infrastructure?

Maps for municipalities include maps for active transportation, cycling and cycling tourism, trail and recreation maps, and more. They frequently need updating due to constant growth and development of municipalities. Have you been tasked with creating maps for your project, and looking for support? Let us manage the technical details and guide you through the process to create up-to-date maps you'll be proud to share.

Maps for Active Transportation

Custom maps are an important tool to educate the public and to help them appreciate the effort that goes into developing your active transportation networks. Accurate, user-friendly maps, when done properly, greatly benefit the end-user, and encourage continued use of cleaner transportation options.

Maps for Cycling Tourism

Cycling tourism is a steadily growing industry and a key consideration in the world-wide trend to design healthier, happier cities. Many organizations use maps to promote tourist-friendly cycling routes and businesses.

Trail and Recreation Maps

These maps show off-road trails and can be part of a larger active transportation network. As more people adopt active lifestyles, these maps demonstrate the commitment your city has made to investing in green space and in encouraging its widespread public use.