Maps for the Tourism Industry

Guide visitors to your local attractions

Maps and guides are a great way to help tourists find your events and attractions, and they create excellent advertising opportunities for businesses. We've worked with many municipalities and tourism businesses to create a variety of maps for multiple uses. 

Locator map of British Virgin Islands

Area and Locator Maps

​These maps are often used as insets on larger maps to show where the main map area is located. When used in visitor guides, locator and area maps help visitors find the general whereabouts of your city.

Overview map of Cambridge Ontario

Overview Maps

Overview maps show major driving, cycling and hiking routes, and help guide visitors to major attractions in the area. Very useful in visitor guides!

Map of La Roma neighbourhood Mexico City

Neighbourhood and Business Improvement Area Maps

Include neighbourhood and BIA maps to help tourists find their way around, to promote businesses and attractions in the area, and to use as walking maps for a neighbourhood. These maps are also used by real estate agents to promote a neighbourhood to prospective buyers.

Mississauga Tourist Map

City Tourist Maps

Aimed at tourists, these are often large folding maps that are distributed at tourist booths and/or given away at hotels, but they can also be incorporated into guides. City tourist maps are also attractive to local businesses as advertising vehicles.